топики 5 класс

My family

1. My name is …I’m (10) years old. I’m pupil.

2. I’ve got a family. My family isn’t large(is large). We are a family of (4) members.

3. I’ve got a father. His name is… He is (34) years old. He is a ( doctor).

4. I’ve got a mother. Her name is… She is a …

5. My granny, …, doesn’t work. She has a lot of work to do at home. I often help her about the house.

6. I’ve got a sister (a brother) …

7. I love my family very much. Our family is very friendly.

My day

1. I usually get up at 7 o’clock in the morning.

2. Then I do my morning exercises.

3. I clean my teeth and wash my hands and face.

4. I have my breakfast at 8 o’clock and then I go to school.

5. I usually have 6 lessons every day.

6. Then I come home and have dinner.

7. After dinner I go for a walk.

8. In the evening I like to read books and watch TV.

9. I usually have supper at 8 o’clock.

10. Then I clean my teeth, wash face and hands and go to bed.


1. Different people have different hobbies.

2. Children like playing with toys and drawing.

3. Teenagers are fond of surfing the net, sport and music.

4. Women like shopping and cooking.

5. Men are fond of driving and football.

6. Old people like watching TV and doing crosswords.

7. As for me, I’m fond of …