тесты 1 курс 3 уровень ОМ


Variant – I

1. Complete the sentence.

London is the capital of …

a) the USA

b) Great Britain +

c) France

d) Spain

e) Russia

2. Complete the sentence.

The UK consists of … main parts

a) six

b) three

c) two

d) five

e) four +

3. Complete the sentence.

The British money is …

a) dollars

b) pounds +

c) franks

d) rubbles

e) marks

4. Complete the sentence.

The capital of … is Cardiff.

a) Scotland

b) Wales +

c) England

d) Northern England

e) The United rind

5. Choose the right variant.

The Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland lives in …

a) Downing Street 11

b) Buckingham Palace +

c) St. Pauls Cathedral

d) House of Parliament

e) Westminster Abbey

6. Complete the sentence.

…. is the richest and most beautiful part of London.


b)The West End +

c)The East End

d)The City


7. Choose the appropriate word:

The Tower of London was built in …

a) 1178

b) 1078.+

c) 1278

d) 1478

e) 1378

8. Complete the sentence.

The London buses are….

a) red +

b) yellow

c) pink

d) white

e) blue

9.Complete the sentence.

… is the aristocratic official part of London.


b)The West End

c)The East End

d)The City

e)Westminster +

10.Complete the sentence.

The capital of England is … .

a) Belfast

b) Birmingham

c) London +

d) Dublin

e) Cardiff

11.Choose the right variant.

The Clock Tower is famous for its big hour bell, known as….

a) “Small Ben”

b) “Long Ben”

c) “Nice Ben”

d) “Big Ben”+

e) “Old Ben”.

12.Complete the sentence.

..…was built in the 17th century by Christopher Wren

Westminster Abbey

Tower of London

Buckingham Palace

St. Paul’s Cathedral +

Houses of Parliament

13.Complete the sentence.

….is an industrial district of London.

a)The West End

b)The East End +

c)The City



14.Choose the appropriate word:

London stands on the river …

a) Severn

b) Thames +

c) Mersery

d) Colardo

e) Blade

15. Choose the appropriate word:

….is the financial part of London.

a) City +


c) West end

d) East end

e) Center

16. Choose the appropriate word:

.…….. prepares pupils for colleges and universities in England.



c)Grammar school +

d)junior school

e)public school

17. Choose the appropriate word:

The majority of secondary schools are Comprehensive schools where ……..

a) boys study

b) girls study

c) children study

d) boys and girls study together +

e) boys and girls study separately

18. Choose the right answer.

Edward Jenner was born in …

a) Scotland

b) Berkeley +

c) Poland

d) Cambridge

e) Wales

19. Finish the sentence.

Edward Jenner acquired a love of …

a) astronomy

b) physics

c) mathematics

d) nature +

e) chemistry

20.Choose the right variant. Edward Jenner was… .

a poet

a politician

a scientist +

a teacher

an artist

21. Complete the sentence.

The only means of preventing smallpox is …

a) inoculation

b) auscultation

c) percussion

d) invasion

e) vaccination +

22. Complete the sentence.

Edward Jenner made progress in …

a) cardiosurgery

b) clinical surgery+

c) urology

d) neurology

e) physiology

23. Complete the sentence.

In the 17th century… was widely spread.

a) diphtheria

b) malaria

c) smallpox +

d) tuberculosis

e) grippe

24. Put the proper word

The … is the head of our Kazakhstan.

a) Prime – minister

b) Judge

c) President +

d) Senator

e) Director

25. Complete the sentence:

Kazakhstan has a well developed ….industry

a) shipbuilding

b) machinary

c) electronic

d) heavy +

e) light

26. Complete the sentence.

The Parliament of Kazakhstan is located in … .

a) Almaty

b) Atyrau

c) Astana +

d) Taraz

e) Aktau

27. Choose the right variant.

The colour of Kazakhstan flag is … .

a) red

b) yellow

c) pink

d) blue+

e) white

28. Complete the sentence.

The world famous skating-rink “ Medeo” is located in … .

a) Almaty+

b) Astana

c) Kokshetau

d) Aktau

e) Karaganda

29. Complete the sentence:

Kazakh State Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Abai is located in… .

a) Chimkent

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