темы 5 класс


I have a family. My family is small. I have a mother, a father and a brother. My mother is thirty-four, my father is thirty eight. My mother is a doctor and my father is a worker. They are good parents. My brother’s name is Misha he is five. He is not a school-boy. My name is Anna I am eleven, I am a pupil of the fifth form. I like my family.


I have a friend. His name is Igor. He is twelve. He is a school-boy. My friend’s family is small. He has a father, a mother and a sister, His father is a worker at the shoe factory. He is forty and he is a tall man. Igor’s mother is not tall. Her hair is fair. Her eyes are blue. She is a teacher. Igor’s sister Natasha is a nice little girl. She is small and thin. She is like her mother.


This is Petya. Retya is a Russian boy. He is a school-boy. He is young, Petya is eleven. He is not tall. His hair is dark and short. His eyes are brown. He has dark trousers on.His socks are grey and his boots are black. His shirt is white. He has no coat and cap on. He has an English textbook in his hand. Petya is a good boy.


I have a friend. His name is Pete Ivanov. His house is in the big town. His address is 17 Pushkin Street. His flat is number 40.His telephone number is 295-46-87.The name of the town is Pskov. It is a very beautiful town. The streets are straight and wide. There are many modern houses there. You can see many buses and cars in the streets. The town is green in summer. He writes me about his school and town.


Our house.

We have a nice house. It is not very big. There are four rooms in our house: the living –room, dining-room, and two bedrooms and a kitchen. There are two large windows in the living room. The windows are open. The kitchen is behind the living room. In front of the house we have a small garden with flowers in it. There is a garden behind the house too. There are many flowers and trees in the garden.


I have a friend. Her name is Olga Petrova.Olga’s House is in a village. The name of the village is Krasnoye. There are many new houses in the village. Olga’s house is not very big; it has four rooms and kitchen. Two of the rooms are large. They are living-room. There are two bedrooms there. Olga has a room too. Her room is not big. It has one window. There is a kitchen –garden and a flower garden in their house. The house is very nice.

5 класс



2. My family

3. Our town

4. My working day.

5. on Sunday.

6. London

7. Our flat.

8. My friend.

9. Our classroom.

10. Seasons in Britain.

11. About myself.

12. At the English lessons.