тест 2 курс зима

Second Year — Final test, Semester 1

Vocabulary Arts

Give English equivalents of these words and word combinations:

Античное искусство, набросок, кисть, коллекционер, фон, художник, капля, пятно.

Put the nouns into the Plural form.

a star, a man, a woman, a shelf, a box, a city, a bush, a mouse, a dress, a monkey, a foot, a child, a wolf, a tomato, a father-in-law, a deer.

Put the verbs in the correct form (Present Continuous or Present Simple)

1 Let’s go out. It _______ (not/ rain) now.

2 Julia is very good at languages. She _________ (speak) four languages.

3 Hurry up! Everybody _________ (wait) for you!

4 ‘____________ (you/ listen) to the radio?’ – ‘No, you can turn it off.’

5 ‘____________ (you/ listen) to the radio every day?’ – No, just occasionally.

6 Are you hungry? ___________(you/ want) anything to eat?

7 I used to drink a lot of coffee but these days I ___________ (prefer) tea.

8 Don’t put the dictionary away. I ______ (need) it.

9 Don’t put the dictionary away. I ______ (use) it.

Write four forms of the following verbs:

Прощать, выбирать, ловить, падать, чувствовать, находить, класть (накрывать на стол).

Translate into English

1 Напротив нашей школы большой парк.

2. Школа находится рядом с нашим домом.

3 В этой комнате было три стула.

4 Стулья были у стены.

5 Я думаю, что теперь вы говорите по-английски лучше, чем раньше.

6 Том звонил тебе вчера?

7 Когда-то он был очень богатым человеком.

8 Я не видел тебя на концерте. – Я не приходил, потому что был болен.

Translate this text into Russian. How would you continue this story? Write your idea.

Mr Grey was the manager of a small office in London. He lived in the country, and came up to work by train. He liked walking from the station to his office unless it was raining, because it gave him some exercise.

One morning he was walking along the street when a stranger stopped him and said to him, ‘You may not remember me, sir, but seven years ago I came to London without a penny in my pockets. I stopped you in this street and asked you to lend me some money, and you lent me five pounds, because you said that you were willing to take a chance so as to give a man a start on the road to success.’

Mr Grey thought for a few moments and then said, ‘Yes, I remember you. Go on with your story.’

‘Well,’ answered the stranger, ‘are you still willing to take a chance?’