список тем на экзамен 2 курс


English-Speaking Countries

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland




Student’s Working Day

Pyatigorsk Medical and Pharmaceutical Institute

Pharmaceutical Education in Russia and Abroad

Pharmaceutical Education in Russia

Pharmaceutical Education in Great Britain

Medicinal Plants

My Practice at the Botanical Station

My Favourite Medicinal Plant

Chemistry is the Central Science

The Scope of Chemical Changes

So Simple and Yet So Wonderful (The Role of Water in the Universe)

Chemical Elements

My Future Speciality

In the Chemical Laboratory

Laboratory Safety Rules

Pharmaceutical Service in Russia and Abroad

Pharmaceutical Service in Russia

Pharmaceutical Service in Great Britain

At the Chemist’s Shop

The Chemist’s Shop of My Dreams

Ecological Problems

Ecological Problems of My Town

Medical Care in Russia and Abroad

Medical Care in Russia

Medical Care in Great Britain

World Health Organization

The Process of Drug Making

The English Prescription