питання пмк 2 курс

Орієнтовний перелік теоретичних питань для модульного контролю №2 для студентів 2 курсу МЕДИЧНИХ ФАКУЛЬТЕТІВ

Liver diseases

What is the liver anatomy?

What are the principle physiological functions of the human liver?

What factors may cause liver diseases? What diseases may the defined factors result in?

What liver and biliary tract diseases do you know? Define them.

What is cirrhosis? What are its types?

What are the causes, symptoms, complications and treatment of cirrhosis?

Speak on the histological changes characteristic for cirrhosis.

What is hepatitis? What are the types of hepatitis?

What are the histological and morphological lesions of hepatitis?

What is the difference between hepatitis A and hepatitis B (etiology, incubation period, transmission, contagious rate, survival prognosis)?

What is the acute hepatitis clinical pattern characterized by?

What is the treatment of acute hepatitis A and B?

Speak on the life style modifications as far as liver disorders are concerned.

Kidney diseases

What organs does the urinary system consist of? Describe their anatomy and morphology.

What are the principle physiological functions of the kidneys and the bladder?

What factors may cause kidney diseases?

What are the clinical manifestations of the kidneys diseases?

What are the required analyses and examination procedures necessary to establish the diagnosis? What renal dysfunctions may these analyses indicate?

What are the causes of urinary obstruction? What is nephrolithiasis(calculi)? What are its causes, symptoms, clinical manifestations?

What are the clinical manifestations of urinary obstruction? What are the possible ways of treatment of this condition?

What procedures should be performed to relieve the patient’s suffering from an exacerbation of nephrolithiasis?

What is pyelonephritis, its causes, symptoms, treatment, complications?.

What is the suggested therapy for acute and chronic pyelonephritis? Name the difficulties of chronic pyelonephritis treatment.

What is acute renal failure? What are its causes, clinical manifestations, complications?

What is the treatment foracute renal failure?

What neurological, cardiac and pulmonary manifestations may accompany ARF and why?

Diseases of the respiratory tract

What organs does the respiratory system consist of? What is their anatomy and morphology?

What are the physiological functions of each respiratory organ?

What is respiration? What types of respiration do you know? Define them.

What factors may cause respiratory diseases? Define the diseases according to the factors causing them.

What are the typical symptoms of the respiratory diseases?

What is pulmonary emphysema?

What can pulmonary emphysema result from?

What do the patients with pulmonary emphysema complain of?

How is pulmonary emphysema managed?

What is asthma? What is the classification of asthma types according to its causes?

What are the symptoms of asthma? When do the attacks usually start? Why?

What is the treatment for asthma? What may an asthmatic attack result in if left without treatment?

What are the recommendations to people suffering respiratory diseases?