к.р. 8 класс

Dead Sea in DangerThe Dead Sea, the saltiest body of water of the earth and a wonderful natural treasure, is becoming smaller and smaller because of decisions by people to use part of its waters.The Dead Sea is located at the lowest point of the earth, almost 400 metres below sea level. It is 50 kilometres long. Just 40 years ago it stretched 80 kilometres in length.One of the main reasons for the sea’s shrinking’ is lack of water. 90% of the waters that flow from the Jordan River, which traditionally goes into the Dead Sea, is taken for drinking and agriculture in Israel and Jordan.Besides, local industry adds to the Dead Sea’s problems. They use the water for getting necessary minerals. It’s a real disaster for the Sea.Now hundreds of thousands of tourists come to the Dead Sea every year. Its water is so salty that a man can read a newspaper comfortably while lying on his back on the water. The water contains a lot of sulphur», and the thick black mud*» that is found at the sea’s beach is very useful for people with skin diseases. Tourists treat their bodies with the black mud, but they don’t think about the Dead Seas troubles.It can be saved — but time is running out.’ shrinking — уменьшение » sulphur — сера «‘ mud — грязьt. Where is the Dead Sea located?a) At the highest point of the Earthb) At the hottest place of the Earthc) At the lowest point of the Earthd) At the coldest place of the Earth2. According to the text how long is the Dead Sea now?a) 400 metresb) 50 kilometresc) 80 kilometresd) 40 kilometres3. Find and write down the sentence that says why the Dead Sea is in danger?4. What are two main reasons tor taking off part of the Dead Sea’s water?a) Thousands of tourists come to the Sea to treat their diseases; the Dead Sea’s water is used by local industry.b) People take water from the Jordan River for their needs; they use the Dead Sea’s water for getting necessary minerals,c) Local industry uses its black mud; people lake the Sea’s water for agriculture and drinking,d) 90% of the Jordan waters is taken for drinking and agriculture in Israel and Jordan; thousands of tourists come to the Sea for treating.5. Why does the text finish with the words:It can be saved — but time is running out? Explain your answer.