задания 5-8 класс

5 – 8 класс

Task 1. Christmas Crossword Puzzle

If you want to learn more about Christmas you should know special Christmas words.

Look at the pictures and write the words.


















Task 2. Santa’s helper

The task of fulfilling the dreams of millions of children is not an easy one. It requires many trusted helpers. Together, Santa, the elves, and the reindeer work to make the Miracles of Christmas happen. But all Santa’s helpers are not his family. Russian father Frost is much happier. His helper is his granddaughter – The Snow Maiden. Imagine that Santa has a granddaughter who helps him with the presents for children. How does she look like? What’s her name?

Draw Santa’s imaginary granddaughter. Give her a name. Write what she does to help her grandfather – Santa (6 sentences)

Task 3. A letter to Santa Claus

Christmas is a very busy time of year for Santa Claus. He has to get the sleigh ready, make sure the elves have finished all the toys, and check his list twice to be sure he hasn’t forgotten any good girls and boys. But in the midst of all this chaos, he always makes time to read letters from children. That’s because Santa knows kids sometimes change their minds, and he wants to be sure he’s bringing the right gifts on Christmas Eve.

Your last task is to write your own letter to Santa. If you want to be very sure Santa knows what you want this year, write a letter to Santa with these tips.

Get in the Christmas mood

Start your letter with a greeting

Let Santa know who’s writing the letter

Ask Santa how he’s been

Tell him about a special helper you’ve created for him

Tell Santa about yourself, about your family and about celebrating Christmas in your family (don’t forget to use «special» words from Task 1)

Tell him how good you’ve been this year

Politely let him know what toys you’d like

Thank Santa for being so kind

Your letter should consist of not more than 20 sentences.

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