для 5 класса аудирование


George was a rich businessman. When he was young he used to travel a lot. He liked to climb the mountains and often spent his weekends there. He loved nature, wild flowers that grow high up in the mountains. Fresh air and clean water of the mountains rivers.

When George was 35 he bought a small plane and learned to fly it. He soon became very good and could do all kinds of tricks in the air.

George had a friend. His name was Mark. One day George invited Mark to have a trip in his plane. Mark thought: «I have travelled in a big plane many times, but I have never been in a small one , I will go.

They went up , and George flew around for half an hour and did all kinds of tricks in the air.

When they came down again, Mark was very glad to be back, and he said to his friend : « Well, George, thank you very much for those two trips in your plane.»

George looked at his friend and asked: « Why two trips, Mark?»

«My first and my last, “ was the answer.

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