Экзамен 1 курс_2014 (3)

1 You work on a container ship. Your relative has come to visit you. Familiarize him with the accommodations spaces which can be of interest to him.

2. You work on a multi-purpose ship. A group of visitors has come on board your ship. Make a tour around the main deck for them.

3. You work on a bulker. A new crewmember has joined the vessel. Show him around the ship.

4 Your teacher has asked you to prepare a report about the spaces in the hull. Draw a scheme and describe it.

5. Your teacher has asked you to prepare a report about ship dimensions. Draw a scheme and describe it.

6. Your friend is asking you about main parts of the ship. Describe the ship arrangement.

7. Your friend is asking you about the marks outside the hull on the bow. Describe the meaning of Load Lines and Plimsoll Mark.

8. You worked on the container ship and tanker. Compare these vessels, what is common and different.

9. You are transporting bulk dry cargo. Tell about peculiarities of transportation and packing.

10. Your friend has a choice: to work on bulker or tanker. Give him an advice, tell about advantages and disadvantages on working aboard these two vessels.

11. Your vessel has stuck in ice. What assistance vessel do you need? What other assistance and service vessels do you know?

12. You work on multi-purpose vessel. Your friend wants to know about this vessel. Tell about peculiarities of this type of vessel.

13. Your friend works aboard the tanker, you work on bulker. He wants to know about loading and unloading procedure of dry bulk cargo, peculiarities of transportation and stowing.

14. You have shipboard training. Your parents are worried about you and want to know what you do there. Tell them about sailor’s typical working day.

15. You are going to work on a small cargo ship. How many crewmembers do you expect to work with in your department? What are they responsible for?

16. You are the 2nd officer on the bulker. Tomorrow you’ll be repatriated home. Tell the newcomer 2nd officer what your responsibilities were aboard the vessel.

17. The Bosun brought you to the paint locker. He wants to be sure that you know the types of paints used on board as well as the instruments and tools used for painting.

18. You are a deckhand. The Bosun ordered you to prepare surface of the deck for painting. What instruments will you take. Describe your actions.

19. You are at the interview with Marlow Navigation crewing company. They ask you what will be your responsibilities as a deck cadet.

20. The Bosun ordered to make a list of all the instruments he keeps in the paint locker. What are they used for?

21. As a deck cadet, you’re asked to paint the deck? Decide what kind of personal protective equipment will you use while painting?

22. As a deck cadet, you’re asked to scrub the deck? Decide what kind of personal protective equipment will you use while scrubbing?

23. You are going to assist Bosun in a welding operation on deck. What safety clothes will you put on?

24. It’s hot. To assist with discharging scrap metal, an OS has put on flip-flops, a bump cap and ear plugs. Give him advice on what safety clothes should be worn in this case.

25. While on the forecastle deck, you’re ordered to quickly bring a bucket from the paint locker. What safety precautions should you follow in fulfilling the order?

26. While participating in the mooring operation, a deck cadet’s feet got entangled into the mooring lines. He fell down and broke his head. What was his misdoing?

27. You’re going to clean the hold after grain was discharged. Decide what kind of personal protective equipment you will put on before doing it.

28. Together with the other deck ratings, you’re lifting and carrying heavy boxes. Do you remember the safety practice to follow?

29. A friend of yours has received a certificate of AB, and now he’s looking for a job. Tell him about Marlow Navigation as a good choice for career promotion and move.

30. Your friend wants to become a seaman. You are a cadet of KSMA and that’s why he comes to you to ask about seaman’s life. Speak to him and say what is good or bad in this profession.

31. Your friend is going to enter KSMA. Since you have already studied here he comes to ask you about this Academy. Tell him about your first year experience of being a cadet.

32. You and your friend (engineer cadet) are discussing differences and similarities of your professions. Tell him about the future navigator skills and competences in terms of STCW.

33. Your mother is interested why you need so many documents and certificates. Tell her about them, describing purposes and requirements.