Тема № 15 для 11-а класса

Тема № 15 для 11-а класса.

Let’s talk about customs and traditions of Belarus.

Let’s talk about customs and traditions of Belarus. What can you tell me about your favourite holiday in Belarus?

We have a lot of very interesting customs and traditions. My favourite tradition is the tradition of celebrating the New Year. This holiday is very beautiful and we start preparing for it beforehand. First of all, we decorate a New Year tree. Then Mother cooks many tasty things for the New Year festivities. As a rule, we see the Old Year out at 11 p.m. to the chimes of the Kremlin clock. We see the New Year in to the Belarusian time. When the clock strikes 12, we raise our glasses with champagne. My parents allow me to drink only a drop of it. I always look forward to this holiday because everybody is in a good mood, there is a lot of music, tasty food and very good company.

Are you proud of our national holidays and traditions?

There are many national holidays and traditions that I’m proud of. For example, Kupalle is a very exciting holiday that dates back to pagan times. Christmas carols or ‘Kalyady’ is a very interesting holiday too. ‘Radunitsa’ and ‘Dzyady’ are connected with paying tribute to the dead. ‘Dozhinky’ is a harvest festival which takes place every year in a different place. There are many more interesting traditions and holidays in our republic that we can be proud of.

What questions about our traditions do you expect to hear from a British teenager?

Which holiday celebration in Belarus will you recommend your British friend to see?

I would recommend my British friend to take part in celebrating ‘Kupalle’. I’m sure it will be exciting for him to jump over a fire, to watch girls throw wreaths into the river and do a lot of other interesting things.

Do you think it is important to follow our grandparents’ traditions? Why?

I think it is important to follow our grandparents’ traditions because traditions strengthen family relations, they are passed from generation to generation and they have a positive influence on people.