Тема № 12 для 11-а класса.

Тема № 12 для 11-а класса.

12. Let’s talk about the national cuisine of an English-speaking country.

Let’s talk about British national cuisine. What can you tell me about eating habits in Britain?

I know that in Britain eating habits differ from our eating habits. At breakfast some people have toast with butter and jam and a cup of tea with milk. Others eat a bowl of cereals with milk or porridge. Or they may have bacon and eggs.

They have lunch in the middle of the day. They usually eat meat, cheese or other sandwiches, or soup and bread. Drinks at lunch time are very different: fruit juices, coca-cola, sprite 7up and others.

They have dinner between 7 and 8.30. It is a cooked meal of meat or fish and two vegetables, one of which is often potato. They usually eat dessert after the main dish. They don’t have supper, as a rule.

Do you know any traditional British dishes ?

I know that traditionally the British make a wide variety of puddings and cakes. Black Pudding , made from pig’s blood, is a specialty of North England.

What questions can you ask a British friend about their national cuisine?

Your British friend can’t stop eating fast food. Try to persuade him that is unhealthy.

You should stop eating fast food because it is unhealthy. Fast food looks nice and tasty, but if you eat it very often, you will easily become overweight. Fast food is harmful. It doesn’t provide any benefits to the body.

Does British cuisine differ from Belarusian cuisine?

I suppose that British cuisine doesn’t differ much from Belarusian cuisine. Our eating habits are different, but the food we eat and the way we cook it are often alike. In both cuisines meat, fish, potatoes, dairy products are widely used. Both the British and Belarusians fry, roast or boil meat, fish and vegetables.

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