Тема № 11 для 11-а класса.

Тема № 11 для 11-а класса.

Let’s talk about Belarusian national cuisine.

Let’s talk about Belarusian national cuisine. What can you tell me about eating habits in your family?

They say you are what you eat. I quite agree with it. Our health depends on our eating habits. In our family we try to eat healthy food, not junk food. The first meal of the day is breakfast. A traditional breakfast in our family is potatoes with meat or an omelette.

For lunch I usually buy smazhanka at the lyceum cafeteria.

I usually have dinner at the lyceum canteen. It consists of 3 courses. We have soup for the first course, meat and vegetables for the main course and some juice or fruit for dessert.

Supper is the time when all our family gather at table. Mother makes some salad, some fish or pasta. We drink tea and talk about our day.

Do you know any recipes of our national dishes?

We have some national dishes which I like very much. First of all it is draniki. They are made from grated raw potato. In my family we only add a little salt and fry them on vegetable oil. We never add flour. They are tasty as they are without any additives. If we put meat inside, we call them kolduny. They are very tasty.

What questions will you ask a friend about his favourite dish?

Which national dishes can you recommend a tourist to taste in Belarus?

I think I can recommend draniki and kolduny. They are very tasty and I’m sure tourists from other countries will enjoy eating them.

5) Scientists say that fast food is unhealthy but people go on eating it. What do you think about it?

Nowadays many people enjoy fast food, but I agree with the scientists that it is unhealthy. Fast food looks nice and tasty, but if you eat it very often, you will easily become overweight. It doesn’t provide any benefits to the body and the harm it causes is numerous.