Таблица для 11 класса

Ing form

To infinitive

Infinitive without to

is used after


ex. I thing about hanging out.

too/enough construction

ex. I am too busy to help.

modal verbs

ex. I must go shopping.

Admit, appreciate, avoid, consider, continue, deny, fancy, go (for activities), imagine, mind, miss, practice, prevent, quit, save, suggest

To express purpose

Ex. She went to buy.

Let, make, see, hear, feal

Love, like, enjoy, prefer, dislike, hate, prefer

Verbs that refer to future: agree, appear, decide, expect, hope, plan, promise, refuse, want

Had better, would rather

Expression: be busy, it’s no use, it’s no good, it’s (not) worth, what’s the use of, can’t help, there is no point (in), can’t stand, have difficulty (in), have trouble

Would like, would prefer, would love,

Spend, waste, lose

Adjectives whicc describe feelings/emotion and express willingness/ unwillingness.

Ex. I was sad to hear.

Preposition to with verbs and expressions: think of, apologise for, object to, look forward to, be used to, in addition to

Be+1st,2nd ,next, last.

Ex. She was 1st person to call me.

Hear, listen to, notice, see, watch, feel-to describe an incomplete action.

Ex. I saw Paul waiting for the bus. (saw part of the action)

Ask, decide, explain, find out, learn, want, want to know.

Ex. She asked when to get the tickets.

To tell the truth, to be honest, to sum up, to begin with,

Honour, goal, way